Try A Word Jar To Boost Children’s’ Vocabulary

As you know I created a special summer routine/schedule to prevent the girls from experiencing summer learning loss.  We are all participating in our library’s summer reading program which will maintain or increase their reading capabilities.  Luckily both of the girls ended the school year exceeding their grade-appropriate reading levels (Big 5th and Little 1st).  I really wanted to figure out a way to assist Little in increasing her vocabulary since she is reading higher level books and wanting to write her own sentences. I decided we would have a family word jar…yes I said family word jar.

The jar sits on our kitchen table so each morning before breakfast everyone has to grab their specific paper with their word.  Little gets assistance from me on pronunciation and figuring out what the word means (in case she does not know), but Big has to look her word up in the dictionary if she doesn’t know what it means.  I try (stress try) to get them to use it in a sentence but that does not always happen 🙂

WordJar All you need is a glass jar, some paint, ribbon, and various types of paper for each child.  I took an old sauce jar and painted “Word Jar” on the front with paint we had floating around the house.  I put a ribbon around the rim to make it coordinate with our kitchen decor.

Since there are 3 of us in the home I selected three types of paper to distinguish everyone’s words.  I’m sure you are thinking this is great  BUT where do you get the words?  Well I get the words for the girls from Flocabulary and my words are from’s list of words adults should know.

I have to say Little likes getting a word each day and actually got mad when there were no words in the jar one day…while Big could care less (all part of her tween attitude).

What do you use to boost your children’s vocabulary?


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