Motivation & Wisdom

Why stress? You have what it takes!

Happy Monday to everyone!  It is the beginning of the week which requires a boost of motivation.  Today’s motivational image quote was found on Pinterest.

We all question if we have what it takes to reach our goals or perform daily tasks.  I personally question myself and my skills ALL the time when I shouldn’t….

Reality check — you would not be where you are right now if you did not have what it takes!  We are born for greatness..we  just have to tap into our abilities and make things happen.  As well you have to be willing to give it your all.

I needed this motivation as I continue to apply for jobs…Some jobs that I come across make me question if I am a perfect fit…Then I think ‘the job would not be in my search results if it was not appropriate for me so it is worth a try’.  You won’t know unless you try right?

This quote is truly applicable to single parents… You have to remember that you have what is needed to be a single parent.  I believe that if God selected me to be the mother of Big and Little then I have what is needed to be their mother.  In my opinion to be a great parent you have to tap into your own abilities, be open to learning as you go, and giving it your all — 100%.  Nothing will come out of you committing 50%….

So what are you afraid to try?  Do you realize that you have what it takes?


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