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My Single Mom Journey – Intro

How long have you been divorced?  Does their dad live here in too?  Did you adopt?  

These are some of the many questions I get asked when people find out that I am a single mother of two girls…An every single time I have to explain my situation or give a glimpse into my journey to being a single mother.  And naturally when I give a snippet more questions arise…the many joys of being a single parent..Yeah Right.

For sometime I’ve wanted to blog about my path to being the mother of Big and Little K  (I am so glad I gave them the same initials)…For sometime I’ve wanted to document my journey for the girls so that they would know what mommy went through…For sometime I’ve wanted to share my path with others as a way of encouragement that hey you are not alone and your story is not as crazy or &#*$ed up as mine….

Well thanks to my 40X40 I’m finally doing it…I’m finally putting the fingers on the keypad and writing my single mom memoirs…My actual task was to write a book (LOL)!  The book is not going to happen but hey people read blogs, it is a much easier and cheaper process, AND I can mark it off my list as in progress 🙂  So forever how long it takes I will try to write about my journey every Saturday (hmmm try is keyword) and allow you the readers a glimpse into my crazy, fun, challenging at times, and most importantly rewarding world of being Maranda the single mom.


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