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Fab Five Friday – Summer Learning Science Style

It’s Friday — WOOT WOOT!!  I can semi-sleep in these next two days…waking up early for swimming lessons has been a difficult task for the girls so I’m sure they will enjoy a break till next week.  And I will enjoy not having to scream for them to wake up 🙂

I’m also glad it is Friday for I can officially bring back the Fab Five Friday series.  I started this series back in 2012 as a way to highlight five fabulous aspects of the week — things that I saw and liked and hoped others would enjoy.  Sometimes they were specific and other times just random.

The next couple of Fridays will be dedicated to summer learning concepts and today’s is geared at SCIENCE.  While planning the summer schedule/routine I saw some of these experiments/projects and knew that us girls would definitely have to try them out.  I do not know if it is a curse or a blessing for the girls having a mother with a STEM background, but I do know that they both like it as well.  (Hopefully they will follow mommy’s steps and do something STEM related 🙂 )  

I.  Imagination Station Naked Egg Experiment  – I actually saw quite a few pins on Pinterest related to egg experiments and this one seems neat for all ages.  I think we will expand on the experiment by comparing between farmer’s eggs and store bought eggs.  If you notice in the article there are further tests you can perform after removing the shell such as observing osmosis and dehydrating the egg.  Read more about the experiment here.

II.  Newton’s Cradle – I have always wanted one of these things to sit on my desk and since our budget is pretty tight right now how about we make our own.  Not only does this project help the girls understand Newton’s Law of Motion, but it will make them understand how important accuracy is needed within science and engineering.  I came across this EHow article which we will use as a guide. Now to find three shoeboxes since naturally everyone will have to make one 🙂

III.  Babble Dabble Do Overnight Crystal Garden – Who does not like crystals??  I love seeing them form in the winter months on our windows and naturally snowflakes rock.  I like how Babble Dabble Do has them in a jar container for that keeps them contained and naturally we could make a collection of them 🙂  Read more about the project and other projects here.

IV.  All About The Boys Tea Rocket – Earlier this week we got to watch a Hooked On Science show at our local library.  The last Superhero Science experiment he did was a tea bag flying in the air… he did not explain anything for did not want the kiddos to try it at home.  Well I searched and came across All About The Boys’ post and know understand what to do.  Definitely this is something that an adult does and the children watch!   Let’s just say we will be experimenting with various types of bags to see what happens 🙂  Read more about the experiment and other projects here.

V.  What Do We Do All Day Boomerang – Yes I have girls who love making paper airplanes and rockets!  So why not experiment with different types of boomerangs.  I love this project for it makes your child take into consideration what properties allow the boomerang to fly the best and farthest.  Ironically I do not have a 360° protractor floating around the house but that is a quick fix 🙂  Read more about the project and other STEM related projects here.

Do you know or have a science project we should try?  If so post it in my comments section!


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