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Thoughtful Thursday – Send some Sunshine

For the summer we will try to do something for others every Thursday — our way of giving back and making a small difference in the world.  I try to get the girls to do some form of kindness during the holidays and when an opportunity arises…thankfully they got the “giving spirit” gene from their mom and do it joyfully.  There are times that they just make me full of joy seeing their desire to naturally help someone else less fortunate and fully understand what they are doing.

We had planned to do one action but the rain came and the girls asked to do it next week.  So thankfully I had already had an alternative planned….Send someone a little bit of sunshine.

I naturally have tons of paper and card-making items floating around the house since I am the co-owner of a handmade greeting card business.  So I pulled out papers that reminded me of the sun and then pulled out my scrap paper box for them to pick through.  For the most part the girls made the cards — I did draw the circles for them to cut out and helped Little put her rays on.  The girls had fun making the cards and they have decided who we will be mailing the sunny greetings to — a family member and a friend that is sick.  They have also asked for me to get more double-sided tape so they can make some more cards soon.

The girls also started their LemonAid Days virtual stand to raise money for local homeless kids.  Their stand is fundraiser to support the Lexington Salvation Army which does a lot of work with homeless children.  The girls hope to have their actual stand in a few weeks for they want to raise at least $200 for the organization.  Trust me the stand will be a Thoughtful Thursday post soon.


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