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Wednesday Wisdom – Born to Be and Born to See

Yeah it is Wednesday!!  I do not know about you but I felt like these past two days just dragged on and on.  No matter what I’m excited for that means I can provide words of wisdom to you and naturally myself.  Today’s powerful words align with Monday’s post on pursuing your dreams NOW rather than later.

beWhoBornToBeToday’s quote really speaks to me and my present situation.  So I want to write about the two components of this quote – Born to Be and Born to See – seperately.

Born to Be

As children we were encouraged to stay true to ourselves and never change for others.  We would tell friends and loved ones our dreams and they would say how wonderful and possibly provide encouraging words to pursue those dreams.  I presently do that for my own children — provide opportunities to enhance their dreams while also telling them to keep to the own drumbeat.

But at some point in our adult life we potentially confirm and doubt who we really are.  We put our dreams on the backburner and focus on our responsibilities and societal demands.  Ironically those people that encouraged our dreams change their views and tell us to focus on our responsibilities or to save the dream pursuit for later.  I do not know if that is because they did not reach their own dreams and have doubts OR if they have taken on the “crab” mentality and want to keep you down.

Personally, I try my best to stay true to myself and follow my own path.  Yet I am not perfect and stray onto the path of others’ desires for me…for I am torn between doing what is best for you and keeping others happy.  Thankfully my inner spirit and somewhat rebellious side wake me up and I return to my path 🙂

I am actually dealing with this battle of pleasing others while staying true to myself right now… As you know I am taking a break from my doctoral degree so that I can focus on being the provider and mother for my girls.  With this break comes the need for a “job” to support our financial needs and every now and then wants.  I currently do have a job but it is part-time which helps but is not enough…so I have been applying for education jobs specific to my passions of Adult Education and Mathematics.  Some are with academic institutions while other jobs are with non-profit organizations.  Well I have gotten some rejections and my family thinks I should apply for jobs that deal with Computer Science which is what my first two degrees are in.  It is funny hearing them tell me to use my skills just to make sure have a job and can take care of the girls.  Especially when they know that is not what my heart tells me to do…which is to help others be successful in Math so they can achieve their dreams of earning a GED or college degree!

Trust me I will not stray from my path for it is part of my own dreams and I want to reach them.  I know that at this present time teaching is what I want to do so just have to keep applying and broaden my scope of job possibilities WHILE turning my idea into reality.

Born to See

From a young age I realized that I had a desire to see other places, experience other cultures, and eat all types of food.  I have been very fortunate to have traveled outside of the United States and outside of my home state of Kentucky.  As well I have a diverse group of friends from other countries and cultures which allows me to learn more and definitely eat!  One task on my 40X40 list (read the list and my updates) is to travel to two new countries.  In 30 days I can mark this off for I will be going to Colombia for a birthday celebration!!!  Now although it is not two countries I will be going to two different regions of the country which will be an adventure.  I hope this trip is not my last for I have quite a few countries I want to visit in my lifetime.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this quote…Are you the person you were born to be?  Have you seen all that you desire?


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom – Born to Be and Born to See”

    1. Thank you for the trip blessings! I’ve been to England and France and now I can say Colombia. I wish we were staying longer though…but gives me more reason to return.

    2. You are motivating, Maranda! Congrats on doing this whole parenting thing on your own – and getting a doctorate at the same time! Through your writing I see a lot of passion, and that really rubs on me 😉

      Five months ago I gave birth to my second. He is a special needs baby, and there are many days I wonder if God really made me out for this. I pray that He did, && that I don’t fail Him now! However, I will say… holding a 5 month old in my arms that acts more like a 1 month old… that’s heartbreaking yet yells at the heart. It’s given me a whole new passion for education in all fields, and has really changed my outlook in life!

      Great post, thank you! ❤

      Love always, Kaitlyn (

      1. Thank you so much Kaitlyn for your kind words — trust me I’m blessed to have family to and friends to help when needed! Yes God made you as the mother for both of your children…especially Noah. The amazing thing is God will not leave your side and will give you the strength needed to be an awesome parent. Trust me there are times that I question God choosing me as the mother of Little and Big K but then I realize how blessed I am to be their mother.
        I enjoyed reading your recent post and pictures!

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