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Motivational Monday: Do it NOW not later

Today’s motivation comes from a google search on the phrase “Do it” — you know a spin off that lovely Nike phrase “Just Do It”.  The image apparently belongs to a coffee shop in England — Anke’s Tea and Coffee Lounge.  (Note – I checked and this place is official and they even have the image in their photos)


I have quite a few ideas that have just been hanging on my ‘Should pursue’list.  And now that I am at the crossroads of life it is best to pursue them and not have any regrets later down the road.  I know from experience how it feels to see someone else achieve a dream you thought of…earn a blessing that you had in reach… or be given an opportunity you hesitated on doing.

Just like the phrase says ‘later’ will easily become ‘never’ if you do not make the steps to pursue something.  As I constantly tell my students and girls:  “You have to crawl before you walk”; so give it a shot and see what happens.

The way I look at it — I have nothing to lose right now on pursuing this idea.  Yes it will cost me time and it will take a little bit of money but it is worth a shot.  Especially since I have a little free time on my hands with summer months and waiting to see if my job applications will be answered with a “Your Hired” or “Thanks but No Thanks”.  As well I am about to be in a new age bracket and can’t keep pushing things off till where I won’t even be able to do it.

Naturally I can’t tell you my idea BUT I will say that it deals with me teaching focus of adult learners and mathematics.  TRUST me I will make a big announcement after I get the initial actions taken care of.  I at least know that I’ve made a statement about it and have to focus on doing it so people don’t think I am joking.

How does this motivational quote relate to you?  Is there something that you have been pushing off?


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