Updates on the 40X40 List

I compos20140731-205540-75340110.jpged a list of actions to perform before I turn 40 back in July 2014 — the 40 X 40 List.  As seen in the list post, I want to accomplish some things before reaching the new age bracket of the 40’s.  Call it a way of truly understanding Maranda and preventing regrets.

Now that I’m officially 64 days from being 40 I thought I would update you on my list progress.  I’ve put those items completed in a purple font — since purple is my favorite color…with a little bit about them being done.

  1. Cook a Julia Child recipe
  2. White water rafting
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Make scrapbooks of memories
  5. Learn a new art medium
  6. Visit two other countries
  7. Write a book
  8. Do another half marathon 
  9. Get a lotus flower tattoo
  10. Get a Kimono robe
  11. Take girls to Rochester, NY
  12. Take a cooking class (sushi)
  13. Have a yummy crepe
  14. Ride a train
  15. Eat at a nationally recognized diner/dive
  16. Lose arm flab (do a chin up)
  17. Do a mission trip
  18. Convert my pendant to a ring
  19. Learn Spanish
  20. Eat something never had before
  21. See an opera
  22. Go snorkeling
  23. Embrace Love
  24. Bake a cake from scratch*
  25. Decorate our home
  26. Write a letter to those that impacted my life
  27. Hot air ballon ride
  28. Get on a surfboard
  29. Holiday event in NYC
  30. Get a professional boudoir painting
  31. See a magical sunset
  32. Make pasta from scratch
  33. Stay a night at 21C Museum Hotel
  34. Write my French family
  35. Finish art projects (Mother/Child quilt; memory quilts)
  36. Read a classic (In Progress)
  37. Snow shoe
  38. Drive a unique car
  39. Give back often
  40. Visit the New England Region

So as you can see I have tackled 7 items from the list and have 1 in progress….

10997405_10152882320840003_8413620691541298319_n   10320617_10152804569730003_2586757341878307809_n

Half Marathon – So I had intended on the Run The Bluegrass being my half marathon and trained for it…but then I hurt my foot while changing out the blinds in our apartment. I had to decrease to doing the 7miler course instead.  I redeemed myself by being a team member for the Flying Pig relay marathon with fellow moms in my running group.  I do plan on doing another half but it will be in the fall after my birthday.


Kimono robe – I have always wanted a kimono robe and that desire was encouraged when watching various movies about geishas.  I was fortunate to buy the robe from Etsy seller GypsySurfCamp.  I LOVE the robe and wear it just about every morning.


Embrace love – I had basically given up on being in a relationship after ending things with my youngest daughter’s father… it was horrible and I built a thick wall around my heart.  Yes I loved my family but guarded myself from any pain associated with a “more than friends” relationship.  Prior to making the list I met a great guy but was very cautious of…well I embraced the concept of love and I went with the flow on us dating and enhancing our friendship.  We are now good friends and continue to take things day by day on the concept of “us”.  From that same perspective I took on a new tradition for my girls when it comes to valentines day by initiating the “14 days of love”.  Definitely something I will post about next Valentine’s Day.


Eat something you’ve never had before – Thanks to my new found friend I’ve had several opportunities to eat Colombian food.  Some of the items he cooked, some I attempted to cook, or we got at a Colombian restaurant.  I did have the pleasure of eating at an areperia in Cleveland, OH called Barroco Grill.  The picture is of tostones and empandas which were yummy with some fresh guacamole.


Bake a cake from scratch – You know I have painted various cakes in my life but never from scratch.  The cake pictured above is a rainbow cake in a mason jar, which I made for our beginning of school year dinner.  The theme for this past school year was rainbows so it was fitting to make it. I will say the cake was from scratch BUT the frosting was from the store.  I hope to bake another “from scratch” cake before August.


Holiday Event in NYC – I was fortunate to live in Rochester, NY before I had my girls for it allowed me to take tons of trips to NYC and Toronto.  I have been wanting to take the girls to the Big Apple and finally achieved in during the Christmas season of 2014.  It was a good trip and we had fun experiencing Manhattan, Times Square, Harlem, Chinatown, and Wall Street with my sister and nephew.  Although the picture does not do it justice, we got to experience the Big Piano at FAO Schwartz toy store.  (glad we went before they close the store).


Give back often – As you seen in my recent Thoughtful Thursday post, I believe in helping others.  I am particularly passionate about people living on the streets – the homeless.  I have always done my best to give someone spare change or buy them a meal/coffee but wanted to do more.  With the assistance of my family and friends, I was able to start the #hashtagLunchbag movement in Louisville and Lexington (cities in KY).  Since we started back in October 2014, we have passed out over 600+ lunches to people in Louisville and Lexington.  One of our biggest events was passing out lunches and toiletry blessing bags in Louisville which organized tons of people coming together to help others.  You can read more about #HashtagLunchbag and maybe start your own event.  You can also see pictures from our events on our #HashtagLuncbagKY Facebook page.

Even though the task marked off are big actions…I have much to do and better get cracking since August will be here sooner than we know it.


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