Thoughtful Thursdays – Shoes for Water

For the summer we will try to do something for others every Thursday — our way of giving back and making a small difference in the world.  I try to get the girls to do some form of kindness during the holidays and when an opportunity arises…thankfully they got the “giving spirit” gene from their mom and do it joyfully.  There are times that they just make me full of joy seeing their desire to naturally help someone else less fortunate and fully understand what they are doing.

 Today’s thoughtful action was based on seven pairs of shoes they had in their closet.  Like other parents I try to sell my children’s gently used clothes but never the shoes…they just hang out in the closet.  In the past we had a place that took donated shoes and cleaned them up for other people to use, but they have since stopped collecting shoes.

I had posted on FB if people knew of a program and a friend told me about Waterstep.  Waterstep is a nonprofit group that provides safe drinking water to communities within developing countries through health education, water purification, and well repairs.  They take new and gently used shoes to get money to fund their water projects.

It feels good knowing that shoes that my children wore for a few months are not only wasting up space in a landfill, but they are helping someone else drink water without worrying about their safety.  Especially since my family can just go to the sink and drink water from the tap.

My oldest has already decided what we are going to do next week which I can’t wait to help them with their task!


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