Summer Creative Tuesdays – Ooblek

Now that we are on our typical summer schedule we had to do something fun and special for Creative Tuesdays… I chose the OOBLEK!


When I was making our summer routine, I tried to make sure to have some ideas planned out so that I was stocked up rather than being rushed to figure out something the morning of.  I actually have heard of oobleck BUT just never felt like trying it with the girls.  Ironically, they made ooblecks at STEM camp so my oldest semi knew what it was…she just did not know the science aspect to it.

Before making we read the story Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss.  Key thing here was all of us read the story which allowed Little K (age 5) reading practice and learning new words…while Big K (age 10) had funs using different voices for the characters.  Note — I use different voices when I read stories to them so they try to mimic my actions.  I will admit the story is long so towards the end I was the main reader.  They did like the story and were extremely ready to make there own oobleck.

There are different recipes for oobleck but I went with the traditional recipe using 1 cup of water and 2 cups of corn starch.  I had to double the recipe so that each girl could have their own bowl.  So that they could have fun I let them pick one of the neon food colorings to mix within their container.  Naturally my children like variety so we mixed colors — Little K was pink/purple and Big K was blue/green.  For whatever reason the oobleck did form initially so I had to add more corn starch and I so did not track what I added so can’t give you the real amount added.  You can find other recipes on the blog Sunlit Pages.  

Once they started mixing I stopped helping for they were just having fun getting their hands in the concoction.  Which meant my table, floor, mats, and children were covered with corn starch and oobleck.  Thankfully the stuff cleans up with little trouble.

While they were having fun I asked scientific questions like

  • What happens when you try to press your hand down in the bowl?
  • What state would you say it is — liquid or solid?
  • What happens when you hold it in your hand and release?

After playing and clean up time — I asked the girls what would happen if we tried to walk on oobleck?  They gave me answers which let me show them a YouTube video I found showing people trying to walk, run, playing soccer on a HUGE thing of oobleck.  We ended watching other videos with oobleck experiments but our favorite one can be found here.

I would say today’s experiment was a success AND I’m pretty sure they will ask to make ooblecks again.  What am I saying they already asked if they can make some while I am writing the post. 🙂


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