Let’s Be Honest – School Morning routines

I want to initiate a new series of post (Let’s Be Honest) focused on how WE handle your typical family everyday routines and habits.  I want to provide a REAL version of things portrayed completely different on tv shows or movies.

So today’s post is about school-morning routines…..


I always find it funny when I see or hear about families having a smooth stress-free school morning routine.  Our morning routines are nothing but chaotic, filled with me saying “Let’s go”, constant reminders of time we have to leave, and typically making a mad dash to the school.  I’m forever grateful that the girls’ school is only a 5 minute drive on a GOOD day. On a GOOD day the girls will get to school at least 10 minutes before school starts, but we are typically arriving a minute before the bell rings.

I was reminded of our morning antics today when they were dragging and I uttered the words “We have to leave her soon”. Or was it when I had to constantly say their names with the words “GET  UP”…Or was it when I’m already downstairs sending some work emails waiting for them to get downstairs to eat breakfast…Or was it when my youngest was taking forever to get the spoon to her mouth… basically every action they made was a reminder.

I have tried every single tip or suggestion to prevent our morning rush BUT they just do not work.  I mean waking them up 10-15 minutes earlier, having them lay out their outfits the night before, or even making sure bags are packed and at the door.  Let’s Be Honest — my children are just not morning persons.  These two naturally take their sweet-lovin slow time in doing things in the morning….as if there is no rush and they have all the time in the world to get ready.

Do you want to know the irony — on the weekends or non-school days these two do not know what “sleep-in” means…they are typically up before needed  and harassing me for breakfast.  🙂

So let me ask — do you all have Rushed  morning routines?


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