Learning Doesn’t Stop Just Because It’s Summer…


It is officially summer break and the girls have been out of school for one week. Now that both girls are in elementary school I have to ensure that neither experience the Summer Brain Drain or in educational terms the Summer Slide.  As well I do not want to hear the words “I’m Bored” for the next two months.  So last week I put my passion for the outdoors, STEM education, desire to help others, and artistic skills into use for developing a  summer routine for me and the girls.  Our summer routine is broken into two key components — daily routine and daily themes.

Daily Routine

As most parents would agree, all children need some form of consistent structure.  We will have a semi-laidback routine of tasks we should complete each day BUT I do not want to confine it to particular times — gives us wiggle room.  Additionally, I’m still working so the laid-back approach accommodates my tutoring and work schedule. Right now our routine consists of

  • Outdoor Play/Workout with Mom
  • Daily Activity
  • Reading/Writing Time (about 45 minutes)
  • Daily Chores
  • Spanish Learning Session (about 20 minutes)
  • When needed work in our veggie garden

Since the girls are home I have to be creative in how I will get my running done which means they will have to join me on a run or we do some form of outdoor exercise.  We are all part of a summer reading program this year so an established time each day ensures we complete the program.

Daily Themes

I did not want to go crazy trying to think of daily activities and I wanted to make sure the days represented all aspects of our family fun.  Each day is broken into themes which serve as a guide of  the possible daily activity.  Realizing that there will be local/family events that might conflict we can change out the themes if needed….like July 4th.

Here are the themes with possible activities

  1. Make It Monday – We will make a special food item/treat they desire.  My girls love being in the kitchen and helping mom cook so this will allow them to make their own creation.  They will get to pick what we will do with a little guidance from mom….nothing major!
  2. Creative Tuesdays – A one-day craft/educational project or initiate a week-long craft/project.  As of right now we will make homemade bubbles, craft stick bracelets, homemade bouncy balls, and finally work on our scrapbook pages.  I will try to encourage STEM focused items so that the girls are continuing with their STEM learning even in the summer.
  3. Whatever Wednesdays – To add some balance to the week and to prevent learning overload….we can do whatever they want to do (within limits).  If they just want to chillax we can…if they want to go visit family we can…consider this our laid-back day.
  4. Thoughtful Thursday – I try to encourage “humanity” and “charity” within the girls.  I want them to know that you can always help someone so we will dedicate a day to give back to our community.  Activities include serving meals at the homeless shelter, clean up a park, donate items, and random acts of kindness.
  5. Funday Friday – I hope that each day will be fun BUT I wanted to make one day focused on fun activities that can be extended into the weekend.  My current ideas include an indoor-camp out, local hiking trips, and maybe a cheap one-day camp/class.

We are all involved in a summer camp this week so our official summer routine doesn’t start till next week, but we will be doing parts of our daily routine.  I know that not every reader has the capability to do something like this due to work schedules, but you can make sure your child gets some summer learning.  You can achieve this through summer reading, special activities on the weekends, and possibly summer camps.  I plan on posting about our activities and important resources throughout the summer for others to try.

So what are your family summer plans?


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