Sometimes change is good


It has been quite sometime that I’ve posted on this blog and I want to apologize for that.  Let’s just say that quite a bit has occurred on this roller coaster ride called LIFE.  I have had many ups and downs and loop do loops when it comes to my role of being a student, mother, and educator.  I will at some point write about it all but for now let’s just say that “sometimes change is good”.

As you can see, the blog title has changed to Maranda’s World.    I will still be posting inspirational quotes/images, recipes that I’ve tried, and day-to-day components of being a single mother…BUT not much about my role as a doctoral student.  I’m presently taking a break from that role so that I can focus on being a mother and provider for my two girls. Just so you know I do intend to return to my educational pursuit!

I hope that my current followers will remain and that I will also gain new followers with this change.

Stay Tuned…


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