Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom:

What a busy week I have had — with teaching my class and working on my revisions.  It did not help with the “Labor Day” 3-day weekend for I was busy occupying the girls….ahhh it is officially school time in our household.  Thankfully I have the next couple of days to focus on the revisions since I do not teach till next week.

Wisdom quote for the week:


It amazes me how even at the age of 39 I have to periodically “let some things go” — but it makes perfect sense.  Just like a tree we constantly have to nourish our souls and selves and remove the diseased pieces (i.e. people, things, aspects).  We can not progress if we continue to carry deadweight.  Ironically we might be hesitant about “letting things go” but after they are gone we really do not miss them 🙂  I can positively say I am a better person and more focused because of letting go.

From the aspect of my revisions — I had to “let go” of a framework I thought was appropriate for my particular research questions.  It was hard to let it go BUT I know see how the newer framework fits better.   It just makes me laugh how things work out and we fight change initially but after it is all said and done realize it was a good move.

Now to work on these revisions and be a “birthday fairy”…. I will be posting about the later topic soon!


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