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Fab Five Friday – Street Art

As I was driving the other day I noticed an interesting image on a building and knew that I wanted to highlight some of the street art pieces I’ve seen over the year. It would not do the images justice to be in a small collage image so I’m showing them individually with information about each.

I.  Mosiac Angel:  This was the art that encouraged today’s post.  The picture is the angel centered amongst 4 other colorful angels along the building.  It is in Lexington on Georgetown Road heading towards downtown — I’m assuming that an organization has taken over the building for this use to be a bare wall.  I hope that they do stencil the quote for it will make it pop more.

II. Funky Swirls:  As you know I try to run often and with my recent 40X40 list containing my desire to run another half marathon — I’ve been increasing my mileage.  Unlike some people I can not run on a treadmill — I have to be in constant movement and preferably out with nature.  I noticed this artwork on the Legacy Trail which has several art pieces scattered along the trail — so far this is my favorite one.

III. Philadelphia’s Tree of Knowledge:  I was in Philadelphia for a conference in late March and this interesting mural appeared.  My image does not do it justice so please if you get a chance participate in their “Mural Mile” tour to see it.  I will say the symbolism is what caught my attention for their is a few mathematics ones included 🙂

IV. Herakut’s Giant Storybook Project – Mural 1:  Back in 2012 me and the girls were blessed with the opportunity to watch the artistic duo Herakut paint one of the two murals for their Giant Storybook Project in Lexington.  After watching them paint it we instantly went on the hunt for the other mural — which is this piece.  I am fortunate to live near both murals so whenever I’m driving or running around downtown I see them both and still in awe of the detail and imagery.

V. Pittsburgh’s Yesterdays Tomorrow:   I was in Pittsburgh in March and saw this mural while looking for something to eat.  It has this futuristic appeal which is quite neat.  The artist Brian Holderman utilized his large canvas space perfectly and ensures that the art never goes unnoticed.


Have you come across some street art that you really enjoy?  Please take time to comment about it and maybe it will appear in another Fab Five Friday collection.


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