Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Remove those negative thoughts

What a beginning of my birthday week — I used one of my free “birthday” coupons to have lunch with my friends and got a cute picture frame.  Tuesday I found my new spot to just be and work on papers/assignments — I plan going there when I can make it.  ESPECIALLY whenever my retakes occur.  Finally today I did my long run for the week and got 6 miles in.  If you did not know I use Charity Miles while I run so that I can raise funds for Feeding America — so today’s run provided 12 meals for hungry people.  Hopefully the week continues to be a blessing!



I saw this the other day while reading through my Facebook feed — you know it is true!  I never really paid attention to how my negative thoughts/words influenced my life and outcomes.  I know it is MUCH easier to say than to do but we have to keep a positive/optimistic outlook so that our life remains upbeat… the glass is half-full.

You know the quote also made me reflect on my mindset over my upcoming retakes — which I need to refocus.  I keep saying to myself well if you do not pass them it will be okay for you can always work without the degree.. WHEN I should be saying I am going to pass the retakes and I will get my PhD.  Isn’t it funny how we can always tell others to be positive BUT we ourselves can’t do it 🙂


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