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Fab Five Friday – Hiking Edition

Finally the Fab Five Fridays are back….YEAH!

I haven’t really been out so I thought I would do a Fab Five based on our summer hiking adventures. Me and the girls were able to get 3 hiking trips (one visited two different locations)  in over the summer and we enjoyed each one. I have decided that we will try to get a hiking trip in each month for it gives us time to just be out in nature while spending quality time together. I’ve already figured out some spots I would love to check out and we have our hiking sticks ready to go (fyi – we got them on one of our trips).



So our hiking spots:

1 & 2- Floracliff Nature Sanctuary:  We participated in their creek walk with some friends and it was so much fun. We had the opportunity to not only hike along the creek but we got to learn more about the microvertabrae and other animals that reside in the sanctuary (i.e., water pennies, salamanders, fish, and frogs).  Our guides were friendly, focused on the children, and they made sure we learned about the sanctuary plant and animal residents.   The sanctuary only does appointment based visitation so you will have to monitor their site for upcoming events.  Trust me it is well worth the special trip!

3 – Flat Lick Falls:  So on July 4th I planned a hiking trip for us to check out one waterfall in Berea, KY.  While visiting Berea’s visitor center we found out about another waterfall that was further out but not to far… so the girls asked if we could do both.  The first waterfall on the list was Flat Lick Falls..which after figuring out how to see them we were glad to have driven further out.  I will say there is really nobody visiting this spot so you might be the only ones there and you will have to be creative on how to see the falls if going in the summertime.  You will definitely hear them and it is so peaceful.

4 – McConnell Springs:  So this nature sanctuary  is literally a 10 minute drive from our house and it is odd but this was our first time going since we’ve lived in Lexington (hmm 2.5 years).  It is not a long hike and you get to see a bubbling springs, blue hole, and beautiful running stream.  My daughter just loved the stream and made a short video on how it just flows into an “abyss”.  You will see various wildflowers like the phlox seen in my picture.  I liked seeing this wildflower popping out of the brown leaves along the trail.

5 – Anglin Falls:  This waterfall is housed within the John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest (Nature Preserve) right outside of Berea, KY.  It was the second hiking trail on July 4th and boy was I grateful that Flat Lick Falls was a short hike after doing the trail to see Anglin Falls.  The trail is only one mile long BUT it has uneven terrain and you will have to walk over and sometimes climb up rocks to see the falls.  I will say that the water flow is determined by the rain in the summer months.  We were fortunate that there was a trickle so the girls did get wet.  We were also blessed with some nice people being there for they helped me get my youngest across some rocks to be under the falls.

I can’t wait till our next hiking adventure!


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