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Wednesday Wisdom: rainbows in the clouds

So the girls started school today — it is amazing that I have a 4th grader and a kindergartner…just want to know where did the time go 🙂 After seeing others blog/post on how they perform a back to school dinner, I decided that we would hold our first dinner this year. One aspect of our dinner was to discuss our family “motto” for the school year:



I actually came upon Maya Angelou’s words while researching how other families celebrated the beginning of a new school year.  You can see how “Bringing Up Burns” used the same quote a few years back for their Back to School bash.

I have a giving spirit and have been blessed to be giving people — so it just clicked.  As well with the past year having some educational setbacks (those pesky qualifying exams)… I know how much HOPE is thriving in my body for this coming exams.  So the focus for our school year will be to be Rainbows for others while being appreciative of those people who will serve as our own Rainbows.

So my pondering question for my readers is — do you have some “Rainbows in the clouds” and have you reciprocated it to others?


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