What’s Cooking: Layered Drinks and Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

I tried various new recipes over the summer which I intend on highlighting them  with my weekly cooking posts.  With the new school year I’m going to try to fix new dinner recipes at least twice a week, while incorporating various “lunchbox” meals for the girls… (my youngest is going to Kindergarten).



The first image is a layered drink that we made for the  “4th of July”…. besides the drink being fun it was also educational.  The drink allowed me to discuss how density and sugar amounts allowed the combined drinks to layer on top of each other.  You can review the recipe that I followed but know you can also see other versions of this recipe through various web sites.

So this past Sunday the girls begged me to make meatloaf which naturally means mashed potatoes.  I wanted to try a new recipe with potatoes so after searching on Pinterest I found this cheddar mashed potatoes recipe.  I loved how it tasted and even had enough to eat for lunch a few days later.. I will say that I reduced the recipe for I’m only feeding 3 and it still gave us tons of potatoes.

So what have you been cooking?


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