Motivation & Wisdom

Words of Wisdom: You control your dreams

I have had to deal with some personal matters these past couple of days so NO revisions have been done 😦 I’ve had every intention but you know I had to take care of the personal so it is not interfering come time for school to start (although I’m sure it will). All I can chuck it up to be is part of being a single mother.

I am trying to write a little bit in my revisions before I go to bed SO I’m just going to leave you with an image quote for some wisdom:



So fitting after me NOT doing any work on my revisions…At the end of the day my effort and work is what determines how these revisions turn out and my ability to pass my redo exams… it is my work/effort that will ensure I get my doctoral it is time to get it done.  I know the break from things lasted longer than intended but I can say it renewed my desire and has me happily wanting to write/read… No attitude or bitterness is involved just my open honest desire/heart.

Do you have a dream(s) that you want to come true?  Are you happily making the effort? I challenge you like I’m challenging myself to make the first step and enjoy the journey to fulfillment 🙂



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