August begins my countdown to the forties


It is hard to believe that August is already here — naturally it signifies various important dates like first day of school, end of pool season, and most importantly MY BIRTHDAY!!  In June I started thinking how this will be my last 30-something birthday and I will have about a year until I enter the so called dreaded 40’s.  Even though I’ve done quite a bit these past 38 years I have more I want to do and experience and I’m ready to start it fresh and full of excitement.  I know that some of these things on the list might be impossible to achieve but hey what doesn’t get accomplished can transfer over to my constantly growing bucket list.

Here it is my 40 X 40 List:

  1. Cook a Julia Child recipe
  2. White water rafting
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Make scrapbooks of memories
  5. Learn a new art medium
  6. Visit two other countries
  7. Write a book
  8. Do another half marathon
  9. Get a lotus flower tattoo
  10. Get a Kimono robe
  11. Take girls to Rochester, NY
  12. Take a cooking class (sushi)
  13. Have a yummy crepe
  14. Ride a train
  15. Eat at a nationally recognized diner/dive
  16. Lose arm flab (do a chin up)
  17. Do a mission trip
  18. Convert my pendant to a ring
  19. Learn Spanish
  20. Eat something never had before
  21. See an opera
  22. Go snorkeling
  23. Embrace Love
  24. Bake a cake from scratch
  25. Decorate our home
  26. Write a letter to those that impacted my life
  27. Hot air ballon ride
  28. Get on a surfboard
  29. Holiday event in NYC
  30. Get a professional boudoir painting
  31. See a magical sunset
  32. Make pasta from scratch
  33. Stay a night at 21C Museum Hotel
  34. Write my French family
  35. Finish art projects (Mother/Child quilt; memory quilts)
  36. Read a classic
  37. Snow shoe
  38. Drive a unique car
  39. Give back often
  40. Visit the New England Region

To hold myself accountable I made this decorative list today and the plan is to put a check next to items as they are accomplished 🙂 Unlike last year where I had particular things that I wanted to do during my birthday month — I am going to focus on the 40X40 list and ry to achieve a few other things.

Now it’s time to work on marking off the list!


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