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Words of Wisdom: Time to get back in the “doctorate” saddle

It is hard to believe it has been ages that I’ve written a post…I will be honest I have enjoyed my “hiatus” of just watching Netflix/Hulu/DVDs and spending time with my girls.  But the hiatus has to come to an end and I have work to is helpful that it is Back to School time 🙂

Besides having a mental break my hiatus had many positives.  Through tutoring some students and teaching during a college boot camp, I was blessed to realize the importance of this doctorate degree.  Additionally I recognized that not passing my qualifying exams was an experience and not a setback.  Unlike what I originally thought the experience did not define me, my ability to make a difference in adult education, nor my ability to encourage other single parents to pursue their educational dreams.

Granted my next steps are a little foggy and I’m still confused on how t answer one of my revision questions…but all I can do is get back on the saddle and be open to asking questions.  The mission is to do whatever is needed to pass my retakes and push on towards the end goal — “the Ph.D”.

I knew I wanted to write a post this week but this lovely image quote came across my FB newsfeed — so a huge thanks to Christine Caine for posting it.   It is time for me to continue on despite what has  happened.. it is time for me to quit avoiding the next is time for me to pursue my dreams/goals.


So look out world — The PhD Single Mom is rejuvenated and back on her pursuit!


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