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Stay True to Self and Focus – Quals Ephiphany


I’m in Pittsburgh for a conference and had the pleasure to sit and talk with an educator/researcher in Adult Education.  Although she has a different focus she has a unique way to analyze/present her findings — narrative inquiry.  I’ve been battling how I want to perform my research to reach answers, and if you remember from last week I had a bad moment looking at the quantitative findings.

Our discussion was SO beneficial and encouraging on what I’ve been knowing but just not honest to answer.  Fear just like what I observe within my research population was holding me back — I was fearful to ripple the waves — try something new.  Now I have to take into consideration that yes there are parts that will have to be condensed or tabled for later research projects… BUT I know where my heart and passion lies and our conversation reminded me why I wanted this degree.  I want to make a change in how adult learners are taught mathematics — my focus group is with those that really struggle that have additional barriers to cross — those adults either working on getting their GED and those adults that need to jump hoops just to get to college algebra.

I want to know what types of anxiety and confidence they have, how the combination of those factors influence ones math performance/success.  I have worked with quite a few adult learners during my “professor”/”tutor” years so I know it exists and yes I have ideas on how to reduce it… BUT why do they have it.  What needs to be done to really make the change.

YES — I have my focus again and the most important thing is I have to remember to stay true to my focus.  I have to remember to be my first rate version and not take second best.


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