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Read, Outline, and Drink a Dew Freeze


Well it is Day 6 of my qualifying exams and I am making progress… I have been doing quite a bit of reading and outlining my essays — yes it is plural (there are 4 questions).  I plan on spending the rest of the night taking the outline statements and making some actual paragraphs for at least two questions.  So what has these past few days been like??

I basically have been either sitting at my office desk, library table, briefly in my car, sitting on my chaise or as I’m doing right now sitting on my bedroom floor.  As you can see in the picture — I have my books, some food, and my Mt. Dew Freeze.. Hi my name is Maranda Miller and I need Mt. Dew freezes from Speedway to stay awake and pumped up…to save for a later discussion – I can not drink coffee so my alternative is Mt. Dew for it has the most caffeine.  I alternate between reading electronic files to reading actual books/papers so that I’m not hurting my eyes. I have also tried to couple normal daily activities within the mix like clean my kitchen, take a shower, or if up to it cook.

The girls for the most part have been awesome… I did lose my cool with them on Day 2 but I think that sealed the deal for cooperation.  Every now and then I have to remind Little K that this is my exams time so she needs to move faster or not give me trouble.  They know to leave me alone in my zone and I try to have little “jam” sessions with them where I am dancing/singing to release my brain from all the education info.  I am grateful I have an eclectic taste for music for it keeps me pumped up and I can change it up based on my mood — some of the artists this week include Dave Matthews, Mercy Me, Kirk Franklin, Beats Antique, Sting, Tori Amos, and some of those current chart hits.

Okay that is enough updates but there will be more in a few days.


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