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First Three Days of Quals – Faith and my first steps

I recently read that before you start writing for a major publication do some “fun writing” to get the juices flowing.  Well my qualifying exams began March 3 and between it and some other assignments I will have tons of writing to do for the next four weeks.  I thought what is a good way to get my thinking cap and writing flow — posting about my quals experience as often as I can!


This image is exactly how I feel right now… my faith that I will do good and get it done is pushing me through the initial steps of researching/outlining my thoughts so I can begin writing.  I have also made a proposed schedule of tasks to do each day… I can honestly say that I did not do so well day 1 and day 2 but was able to scratch things off today.  (BUT those just got replaced with more tasks for tomorrow)  The culprit for the first two days was the major snow/ice we got in Lexington on Sunday evening which made schools be closed for two days.  I love my children but you know it is not a good combo when you have to focus on your qualifying exams 🙂

 I have been sleeping so not at the crazy phase of stare at the screen the entire day and I do have to juggle my normal scheduled items in… so I have a daily campus routine of 8:30-12 be normal load, 12-when pick up girls focused on quals be it writing/reading/researching.  Now when I am home is another story for there isn’t anything special just yet but plan on something.  I’m also trying to balance out my time on the laptop so have books to read when my eyes are bothering me OR some task to do like clean dishes or make something to eat 🙂

All I can do is take it one day (step) at a time and be focused…. off to read/outline/write thoughts


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