Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Words

So my qualifying exams are in about a month — yeah it is like really close.  I honestly do not know what to expect so I’ve been asking colleagues/friends what they did to prep for the exams and make it through.  Especially my friends with children for they can empathize my present situation.  I will say this even though most of my friends are married they understand the juggling act I perform for our degrees do not consider relationship status.

One of my friends today was like “Maranda do not claim your nerves or stress to happen for that will impact how you really do”… we both research self-efficacy so naturally I understood what she meant.  So when I noticed this image quote I knew I had to share it with others:


I just want to leave you the image and not my full thoughts for this is more of a personal reflection quote.  We know that words impact your confidence and your future, so the question becomes are your words matching the place you want to reside?


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