Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation: Be what you Seek

So today was the beginning of my long Mondays for the semester — I have class till 8pm each Monday and will be trying to get on campus by noon. With that being said my brain is already FRIED and I have quite a bit to do tonight before I go to bed — I am really trying to be AHEAD of schedule so that when March (qualifying exams) occur I’m not crazier than expected.

This image came across my FB feed the other day and I knew I wanted to pass it along to my readers. I know it really is more “wisdom” based but I see it as motivation as well.


I see this as motivation that whatever you desire you have to be that yourself.  You know if you expect honesty from people you interact with then you as well need to be honest to others.  The key is that if you desire a particular quality you have to possess the quality yourself.  I also like how the last option is left blank so that you can be mindful of a quality not listed.

What are your own thoughts on this “be” motivation?


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