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Fab Five

Whew it’s Friday — the cold weather has had the schools closed all week and we are to get more in the morning.  I like others in the city did her grocery shopping earlier tonight.  I plan on going to bed shortly so I can wake up early and get some reading/writing finished for next week.

So here are the fab items for the week:

Fab Five 1/24/14

1 –  Asian Love – Another love themed card made for Valentines day (3 weeks away).  You can view it at our Etsy site.

2-Cuddly Cuties Dog – Saw these at the local Dollar Tree — such a cute piece of chocolate especially for dog lovers.

3 – Get Foxy – While looking at the clearance home items at Meijer’s noticed this interesting piece — it reminds me of a dear friend that dedicates her Charity Miles for the Michael J. Fox foundation.

4 – Miyako – I love SUSHI and try to go once a month with one of my buddies — it is something we have done for a few years and thankfully we both moved from Louisville to Lexington 🙂  If you are in the Lexington area check them out.

5 – Love Painting -I had to run to my undergraduate alma mater to get a few books from their library and decided to walk through their art gallery (Dr. Donald L. and Dorothy Jacobs gallery).  I knew this woodcut print “Lakeside” by Jim Dine would be perfect for the Fab Fives.

Did you come across any fab finds over the week?


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