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Wednesday Wisdom: Are you ready for a daily blessing?

What a week so far and I can say how grateful I am for “Hump” day!  We have had cold weather and snow which has made the local schools to be close… which has had my oldest be on campus with me.  The scenario has been difficult for both of us — I know she is bored at the office and then I have a hard time concentrating on my tasks for I want to make sure she is okay.  One positive component is that she typically is not the only child for a few of my colleagues/officemates have kids so she can interact with non-adults 🙂

I have completed quite a few tasks this week EXCEPT making the lesson presentation for the class I teach tomorrow… I am honestly so dang on tired and brain fried that I’m going to take a nap and focus on the presentation in the morning.  So I will just be providing an image for today:



Have a blessed Wednesday!


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