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Monday Motivation: Race Transformation

First week of Spring semester  so fresh countdown of how many weeks till I am done with my coursework!  It is 7 weeks till I get my qualifying exam questions and then 15 weeks till the end of the semester… Although it seems like a large value it really isn’t and the time will just whiz by.

I thought that after reading my devotional about finishing it would be great to find a good motivational image quote on the same topic.


We have to maintain faith that we will finish our present race (or for some people multiple races) but we also have to understand that we will be different once it is done.  Think of it from a physical perspective — when I started my first marathon I was anxious and somewhat ready to do 13.1 miles, but as I approached the line I was overcome with joy for seeing the sign and exhausted from the energy devoted to just getting there.  Yes I was sore but mentally I was prepared to handle anything thrown my way for I had built up my confidence and tackled my task.

That is how we are when we start a race — have one mindset but once it is over it is completely different for we have grown.  The trials, barriers, good moments, and bad moments mold us to think and approach things differently.  Ironically we have multiple races in our lifetime that slowly mold us into our present selves.  Gosh I am so different after my race within corporate america, after having one and now two daughters, and after my first year of doctoral school.  The key aspect to remember is we have to be open for the race transformation.  Many times people go into a race with a set idea of how things will occur and gain nothing from it and the transformation never occurs… which I believe encourages a similar race that forces you to allow the transformation.  (Note – remember that is my opinion based on some repeater races I’ve endured just because of me being stubborn)

Well I tell you that even though I KNOW that this Spring Semester race will be busy, intense, and quite honestly rough — I am open for the finish line  transformation awaiting me.

So what transformation are you waiting to happen?


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