What’s Cooking:Alfredo Sauce, Green Beans and Potatoes, Ravioli

It is hard to believe how long it has been since I have posted highlights of what I’ve been cooking…BUT trust me I have been cooking!

Alfredo Ravioli with Peas

My youngest is going through this phase of “no sauce” on her pasta so I thought I would trick her with some Alfredo sauce… and with my craving for ravioli I did a search on ideas. Thanks to Food Network for the idea of mixing in peas BUT the sauce recipe came from The Restless Chipotle and it was a YUMMY sauce! To answer your question — no the youngest did not eat it even with the sauce… so next time I make will just have to keep her noodles to the side.

Roasted Green Beans & Potatoes

We had some fish in the plans so I wanted an easy side that could combine potatoes and green beans… Thus I experimented with roasting them in the oven based off  Olie Pants recipe.  Naturally since the kiddos LOVE green beans they quickly ate this side.  (Note – yes I forgot to crop out my leg in this picture which proves that we did not eat in the kitchen this night)

Did some cooking today but will save those for next cooking post… what has been cooking at your home?


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