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Fab Five

Due to us being out late last night I’m posting this today SO I will post my recipes of the week tomorrow.

So here are the fab items for the week:

Fab Five 1/11/14

1 – Flowers of Love – Me and my sister are making cards for the Valentine season and I came up with a new series called the “Flowers of Love”.   This is one that I made this week and I just love how it is simple yet elegant.  You can view it at our Etsy site.

2-Blood Brother – Our church is doing weekend long viewings of this documentary.  I loved it and enjoyed the powerful meaning — talk about unconditional love for mankind.  If you can check to see if the film is playing near you.

3 – Light Bulb Shakers – I was doing laundry and decided to stop at a local consignment shop and saw these interesting shakers.  Pretty eclectic right?

4 – Interesting dresses – Just some interesting outfits that I passed on my drive to campus.  I would love to have the middle one for my presentation in March.

5 – Great claim for dirty home – Saw this while grocery shopping — definite reason I can use for why our house is such a mess — we are to busy living!

Did you come across any fab finds over the week?


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