Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Believe in Yourself

I hope all is having a great week and have begun to warm up after the frigid temps earlier in the week. I had to confine myself in a room on Tuesday so that I could get tasks done since my Monday plans were ruined with the girls being home and aiding in my distraction 🙂  The confinement helped for I finalized my syllabus for the course I am teaching this spring — YEAH I am teaching!  I have missed teaching but glad to be given this opportunity to teach a different style of class with non math solving material.

I also had the ability to ALMOST finish my mini-proposal for my dissertation committee and I believe that it will be finalized in the morning.  I thought this image quote would be great for our Wednesday Wisdom:


So fitting with a chaotic semester approaching to start — I have already gotten readings for one course and projects that need to be finalized before our first day.  It is amazing how much one’s beliefs control their ability to reach their dreams — that confidence (i.e. one of my research component self-efficacy) can either make or break you.  I am going into this semester with the belief that I will get through it successfully.  That God has already taken care of the circumstances so that my comps will not be difficult and I will do just fine.  I am secured that although our days will be busy and I will have quite a bit to juggle that me, Big K, and Little K will be just fine.  (Note — these comments were more for me BUT I hope they are encouraging for my readers just as well)

So I want to challenge you to take time to think about your 2014 or better yet this spring semester.  Reflect on your belief status for particular goals and make your own statements of how things will be just fine!


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