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The first Fab Five for 2014

Ahhh it has been a long time since I posted a Fab Five image — trust me I have taken pictures but time got the best of me 🙂

So here is the first Fab Five for 2014:

Fab Five 1/4/2014

1 – Good Quote – this saying is definitely how I have felt the past few weeks BUT now the lazy times have to end.  Classes do not even start for a couple of weeks and I have quite a bit on my plate.  My plan is to have a few down moments each week so then I do not have a lazy fest.
2 –Serenity Painting – I saw this while walking in Meijers..just a cute little canvas print that was on clearance.  I am hoping it is around next weekend for I would like to purchase it for my bedroom  — as a reminder that my room is my own personal retreat zone.
3 – Ecclectic stools – These were also in Meijers — cute Indian/Morrocan theme stools.  I would LOVE to have one in my family room but not part of my decor.
4 –Harry & David Moose Munch – So we got to taste this and could not stop munching (LOL).  It’s regular popcorn, chocolate popcorn,and nuts all mixed together.  I priced it and I will definitely need to figure out how to make my own batch for special ocassions.
5 –Orka Ice Tray – so one of my friends has these cute covered ice trays.  Let me repeat covered ice trays — perfect from getting awkward smells/taste in your ice and allow you to stack and not wonder what was on the bottom 🙂  She told me to be on the lookout for them in Marshalls/TJMaxx cause cost more from direct source.

Have you noticed some fabulous finds this past week?


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