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New Year welcomes a New Series

With it being New Year’s Eve I thought I would find a good quote/image for some inspiration


When a new year is about to start you typically observe people making resolutions such as workout more, quit smoking, and find a love.  My process is a little different — I write out my visions and goals of what I want to achieve over the course of the year (attainable and realistic).  Most of my 2013 visions really did occur

  • said I would get published in a journal and with some faculty members have a piece being published soon
  • hoped to complete a half-marathon and I did complete one and unfortunately only partially completed a second one,
  • aspired for some family vacation trips which we did Cedar Point and Disneyworld :), and
  •  I had hoped to decorate our home but only accomplished one room 😦

I haven’t really sat and thought about 2014 yet — not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  I do know that I hope to have it written before the weekend — just need time to sit and think.

So what do you envision for 2014… take the time to plan things out and remember make it realistic.  Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!


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