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Twist on Christmas Advent Calendars

Can you believe it is already December??

Our family is trying something new this holiday season — a twist on Christmas Advent calendar.  We have one advent calendar where the girls will split the chocolate (I will see if this works) and we will also have advent cards.  The cards are an assortment of Christmas fun and Random Acts of Christmas Kindness  activities.  I was out and about on Pinterest looking for ideas on advent calendars and had seen how people  combined family fun with giving back to others.  So naturally I had to get creative and make something similar for the Miller Girls 🙂

As you know I love giving back to others and try to focus on the family doing something together once a month.  So this will encourage us to do more than one action for December while at the same time pass along the holiday cheer.


The cards were quite easy to make (especially the night before December 1) — I just glued some scrap holiday paper to the back of index cards.  After looking on a few sites referenced on Pinterest under  Christmas Acts of Kindness or RACK Advent, I selected our “giving back” activities and wrote them on the index cards.  I then thought of some family fun activities for us to do on the other half of the index cards.  My thinking is that we can select a card and if it is something we can’t do that day we will put it back and select a different one… Hence why I did not label the cards with a date value.

While I was out and about I also came across an online Acts of Kindness Calendar hosted by Noomi.  It seems easy just click the date and see what your act is for the day.  I will plan on doing this as my own personal challenge for the month.

So how are you counting down the days?  I hope to give you a recap of our activities either daily or every week.


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