Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom – Are you Living?

Despite what I already have on my plate, some yucky drama tried to join the list of things to deal with… So ironically, I had already saved this image a few weeks back for just the right moment!


You know over the years I have had my share of ups and down dramatic moments — where I would allow to consume my energy/time and distract me from the important things.  BUT things have changed and thankfully I realize that my education and girls are of high importance right now.  Thankfully I have matured since embarking on the PhD journey and know how to not give drama any of my attention.   I realize to take the setbacks as step stools to keep climbing up and reaching my purpose/dreams.  Additionally, I have been blessed to have real friends and family who push me to excel and not fail.

How about you — are you living?


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