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Fab Five


Welcome back to reality — yes we are back from Disneyworld and getting back into our normal routine.  It took us a few days for we were quite sleepy (think me more than the girls).  I am posting the Fab Five today since last night I crashed extremely early.  It actually works out good since I have not cooked anything at all these past couple of weeks  due to traveling and just being lazy.

Fab Five November 16, 2013


1 – Unique sculpture piece –  While going to get something from our student center I noticed that the UK radio station has their own sculpture.

2 – Glimpse of Christmas Lights – While at Hollywood studios we got a glimpse of Christmas on their Streets of America light display.  They had music playing and it was quite nice seeing the lights.

3 – Salvation Army Red Kettle – We as a family try to give back to others in some form once a month.  Our focus for this month is the Salvation Army Red Kettle!  We rang the bells in front of a local grocery store this week and we have established our own online red kettle.  The goal is to raise $200 and you can click the link to find out more or even to support our cause.

4- Care image – While in Louisville for a conference we saw this painting and it just resonated with me.  I try to always be a caring person and at times people do not want it.  But knowing that your offering of help and display of care for others can start a fire of hope within others can keep you motivated to keep giving!

5 – Mickey Ears – As you know the trip was a surprise for the girls so they still did not believe me after telling them we were at Disneyworld.  Seeing the ears on the bed confirmed it and began their true excitement 🙂

What fab fives have you seen this week?


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