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Fab Five Friday

As you know busy week but I was still able to notice some fab findings that I wanted to share with you.

Fab Five Friday 11/1/13

Day of the Dead – Majority of the images (2,4,5) come from our participation in a local Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) celebration. We had the pleasure of getting our faces done by stylists from Fleet Street Hair Shoppe and participating in activities at the Living Art and Science Center. The painting for image 2 was part of a special art exhibit at the center and is done by Agustine Zarate.

1 – Random clay pumpkins – While driving my youngest to her practice I saw these sitting on a porch — just cute little pumpkin family.

3 – View on Legacy trail – I did my last long run before the half on this trail and this was one of my interesting views.

Not put in a picture but I had a conference proposal accepted for a prestigious educational conference today! I was so nervous when I logged on to check my proposal status but thankfully it was good news. I have some revisions to make but thankfully I can work on it over the winter break.

What fab findings have you come across this week?


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