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Moment of Truth – Just a little overwhelmed

So I’m quickly writing this as I help my oldest with her homework, cook brinner, and review my fellowship application essay… These next 14 days are going to be very demanding of my time and mind.  I will be surprised if I do not lose my mind between all the things I have to juggle.

Can I be honest with you — I am just a little bit overwhelmed.  Pressure does enhance my performance and finishing product BUT that is typically when I have one thing on my plate.  Not multiple items that really need to be handled individually…

As a doctoral student, I knew that after midterm my assignment load would increase but I forgot about how my research projects would interfere the progress.  I knew that with two conferences and a half-marathon I would need to attack items earlier than normal… but did not take into account other random things occurring like halloween and just general life.

Well now that I’ve had my moment to vent and explain why I have been MIA — I better get back to my juggling act 🙂


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