Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom – Change helps grow

Man it is already Wednesday — where did the time go? I can’t even believe it is almost midnight.. just been one of this quick non-stopping days…between running, running errands, teaching, and spending time with the girls. I’m so tired but have tasks to complete — one thing I know I will not be doing is working on my revisions. My brain just is not in a writing mode.. I have figured out that since Mondays/Wednesdays will be my busy days (i.e. teach, prep) the other days will be my writing days. I’ve found me a place that I can go and write and not be distracted or bothered by what is occurring…so thankfully I can go there and get things done.

Today’s wisdom quote:


Changing my environment encourages me to change as a student — I recognize that I can’t work in particular areas for I will get distracted and want to do other tasks (Yeah I admit I can easily change tasks).  So in order for my retakes to go in a positive direction I have to make the change.

Off to get some rest so I am focused and ready to write Thursday morning (after 3 quick errands) 🙂


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