What’s Cooking: Waffles, Chex Mix, and Apple French Toast

I have been quite busy these past couple of weeks with coursework and just life in general. I want to apologize for the images not looking good — I really do not like the newest IPhone updates but I hope to have it mastered soon.

Banana Waffles(bad picture)

Great way to use up some over ripe bananas is to bake something so I decided to use this recipe from Lynns Kitchen Adventures for waffles.  Yummy delicious is what my youngest said.. and have enough leftover for a breakfast or brinner.

Oven Chex Mix

The kiddos wanted some chex mix and I seriously did not want to spend a lot of money on multiple bags SO we decided to make our own.  I know tons of people use the microwave or crockpot but I wanted to do it the old-fashioned way in the oven.  This original recipe was awesome and we have gone through 2 batches already.

Totally forgot to take a picture but made an Apple Baked French Toast that I found at the Cookie Monster Cooking site.  I prepped it before I left for class so when I got home just popped in the oven and we had brinner.  I really think brinners are my favorite meals right now especially with my late classes.


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