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Monday Motivation – Inspiration from a marathon time

Heard these words today — “If you dream it, make it happen.”  These were from Maickel Melamed who completed the 2013 Chicago marathon in 17 hours.  Now as a novice runner I was intrigued on the time so naturally I went to research the cause… he suffers from muscular dystrophy.  What an inspirational story — he was determined to complete the marathon and he did it — it might of took some time and he was the last person BUT he did more than most people — he completed the marathon.

From a personal perspective this encourages me to push on when I want to throw in the towel.  I have no reason why I can not run or complete my daily training for I do not suffer from anything to prevent me.  And especially now that I dedicate my runs/training sessions to raising money for Feeding America through the Charity Miles app.  Yes I started running to achieve my dream of finishing my first half-marathon and becoming healthier…but it is now more than that.. it is to ensure people have food to eat. I might not be in the mood to run but I am sure nobody is in the mood to starve yet they do.. so the least I can do is run and raise funds to alleviate their pain.

Here is a video about the runner and his crossing the line today!


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