Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation: Get a Purpose and Direction

I briefly had a meeting with my co-chairs today to ask a question and got informed that it was time for me to establish my first dissertation committee meeting! I will be honest I was a little bit fearful but then I got excited — I am almost done with my coursework 🙂 Just one more semester and then I will be in the comprehensive exam phase…

So I naturally wanted to find a motivational image that highlights how we have to have a purpose and direction in order to reach our dreams.  You can do all this work but without a desired end goal how do you know you are coming close?  I mean at the end of each semester I mark my course requirements off my list so I knew it was there but after these past hectic weeks and the upcoming busy ones I semi forgot.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a purpose for your present life… do you know what steps are need to occur to reach that purpose?  I know right now my purpose/direction is to earn this degree while also doing the best for my girls.  I want to ensure that they have a quality life at the same time monitor me pushing for success (leaving my legacy).


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