Whats cooking – marinara sauce and fruit leather

I think that Sundays will now become my day to post about what I tried cooking over the course of the week just because our Saturdays are consumed with practices, church, and whatever errands I can squeeze in.

Homemade Marinara Sauce

I can not believe that I just now tried making our own marinara sauce when tomato season is ending.. I begged my dad to plant cherry tomatoes in his garden and they were really growing these past couple of weeks. Since I had night class I thought what an easy recipe – homemade marinara sauce.. then when I got home I would just need to make the noodles. The farmer I get my squash from suggested just putting the tomatoes in the crockpot rather than removing the skin sine it was to be chunky. So I sauteed some garlic, onions, peppers, and squash. Then in the crockpot mix the veggies with cut up regular and cherry tomatoes..Mixed in some italian seasoning, pepper, and salt. Finally cooked it on high for about 1.5 hours and then low for another 5 hours. I have to say it was rather quick and it tasted real good. I will definitely make it again but with the crop season being over it will have to be with canned tomatoes 😦

As you know I want to try to make most of our snacks rather than buying junk processed foods or going broke over organic variations. After failing to make proper fruit snacks I decided to try fruit leather..I researched various recipes and found one by Two Peas and Their Pod and I went with using our remaining asian pears and honey.  Even though it is easy to prep and just put in the oven.. it took forever to become fruit leather.  It tastes pretty good but not as sticky as fruit roll-ups…I do not know if that has to deal with the oven-time or not.  I will say do not put in the refrigerator or at least our refrigerator for it got harder.

So what have you been cooking?

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