Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom – Best yet to come

I can definitely say Wednesday is my HUMP day!  I did my long run today which was 8 miles which went pretty good the first 6 miles and then I had to give myself pep talks especially after 7.5 miles.  It is hard to believe that the half is in 6 weeks and it seems like the training is going well but I really won’t know till after the race 🙂

So the inspiration for today’s post:


With all the research and projects I am performing it was good to see this image a few days ago.  Even though things are rough right now I know that it is well worth it for I will have my doctorate degree.  Even though our finances are pretty tight right now and I am having problems locating potential fellowships for my dissertation work — I know that when I graduate we will have more wiggle room.  Finally, even though I have some tough moments during my single mother journey — I am so grateful for my children and that when I get older I will look back and be grateful for those tough moments.

Well I have to get back to research and data entry…


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