Motivation & Wisdom

Monday motivation – Moving Forward

Got excellent news today — an article that I worked on with faculty members of my department was accepted with revisions for a journal! This will be my first published piece and trust me gives me the encouragement to finalize the revisions for my other article that got a revise/resubmit judgement. Between this good news and my rough half-marathon training today I was able to select the following motivational image by  Simple Reminders:


Today’s training was interval training and I had moments where I felt defeated and wanted to just walk — and trust me for the last interval I did.  But I remembered that I needed to stay focused and finish my training for it not only benefitted me but also Feeding America (remember I do Charity Miles which donates money to my selected non-profit based on how much I do).

From a life’s perspective you want to focus on going forward and not backwards — the past is over so our focus is the present with our eye’s on the future.


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