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Fab Five Friday

I am so glad that it is Friday aren’t you?  I did my long run today which was 7 miles… I did okay and seemed to keep my pace at about 15 minutes/mile which is on target for desired half pace.  It is hard to believe that in about twelve weeks I will be running my second half-marathon.

So what we have all been waiting for — the Fab Five of the Week:

Fab Five Friday September 13, 2013

1 – Melt the World – I finally stopped at a store I have been eyeing for awhile – The Black Market Boutique.  What a neat eccletic shop with clothes, shoes, jewelry, and art.  I found a shirt that I truly liked BUT it was more than I want to spend right now since I realize we have an upcoming trip.  I saw this unique shirt which reminded me of the song by Modern English.

2 – Blue Owl –  I also noticed this owl while in Black Market — I am not sure if was for sale or not but looked quite cute on their couch.  I don’t know why but owls are my fancy right now.

3 – Warrior Sculpture – I came across this piece in another unique boutique while dropping off something at a local UPS called Paisley Polka Dot.  They also had some neat clothes but my favorite was the art displayed throughout.

4 – Neat wall hanger –  This hanger was in the dressing room of Black Market.  Not sure if it was the colors or the shapes that I like the most.

5 – Circular Ring – Came across this ring while shopping — quite neat right?

Well folks what fab fives have you found this week?

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