Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Gratitude

With me having classes till 5:30 on Monday/Wednesday, I have looked into prepping our meals for those nights. I prepped a quick “brinner” for tonight but thankfully did not have to eat it tonight. When I went to pick the girls up from my parents tonight, my second mother had already fixed dinner! Needless to say our “brinner” will be breakfast tomorrow and I can focus on multiple tasks that need to be completed tonight. On our drive home I realized I wanted to select something that related to gratitude for our Wednesday Wisdom.

Just like the quote says the gratitude allows you to see all of the beauty around you… I have gained an appreciation for my location, institution, and definitely my family.  Many people ask how I juggle school, family, and personal — well let me just say that I wouldn’t be able to do it without my family’s emotional and physical support. I’m so blessed to have family here with us in Lexington for they can pick up and watch the girls when I have a late class. The girls have a chance to see and interact with their grandparents on a weekly basis as well I have peace knowing they are okay when I am on campus. When I was selecting schools I focused on institutions near family/friends for I knew that I would need support.

So what are you grateful for?

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