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Moment of Truth: rejection sucks

Approve Reject Computer Keys Showing Accept Or Decline

Now that I am in the third week of classes I have to make decisions on potential projects or topics for a project. As I have shared before my research focus is math anxiety within adult learners and I always try to relate my big projects to that topic so that I continue enhancing my knowledge and research. I already knew that one of my class projects would not relate to anxiety for the course is based on the history of STEM education…BUT today I realized another project wouldn’t.

So I am in a quantitative stats course and we have to do a final project showing we have mastered particular techniques. I was originally suppose to do my project with a fellow department student but she informed me that it wasn’t going to happen and I was okay with it. So today I wrapped my mind around a project that would relate to an upcoming research project I will be starting on local adult learners in math GED courses. Well as I was going to the library my professor stopped me and asked how things were going and if I had picked out my topic. I loosely explained it and what I was thinking and I could see the buy-in..BUT then the question came – “So how much data do you have?” I responded – “Hmmm none right now since waiting on IRB approval (Note this is a campus protocol that approves your research study and the participants you plan to recruit), but I was thinking I could make up the data.” And then the rejection came — “No you will need real data for it to work properly. How about you talk to your advisor and figure out an alternative dataset?” UGGHHHH that rejection just hurts for now I have to go back to the drawing board which means more research and having to delve deep in a topic I’m not grounded in. I’m hoping that I will luck upon some data related to math anxiety BUT after today I doubt it.

The funny thing is this is not the first nor will it be the last form of rejection that I will see. I mean in the past year I was denied presentation at conferences and got a revise resubmit for a manuscript. And quite honestly I am hesistant about resubmitting it for fear of that rejection letter.

Oh well time to do some research…


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